Retirement Visa

Indonesia is a home to multi-cultures and customs and exotic nature. To enable foreign national retirees to enjoy their retirement age and stay longer in the country, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have facilitated them with the Government Regulation Number 31 of 1998

the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia Number M.04.IZ.01.02 of 1998. These regulations allow foreign national retirees to be granted with limited stay permit cards and even with permanent stay permit cards so that they can stay longer in the country.

Retirement Visa
Retirement Visa

The requirements for those who would like to apply for Retirement Visa in Indonesia among others are:

  • at least 55 years old
  • no plan to work or to run a business
  • having passport valid minimum 18 months
  • having life and health insurances either from your home country or Indonesia
  • concluding a declaration stating your pension is minimum US$ 1,500 per month
  • having a residential home lease agreement to live in Indonesia
  • hiring a domestic helper
Citizens of the countries below can apply for Retirement Visa Argentina Bahrain Canada Estonia Greece Ireland Kuwait Maldives New Zealand Poland Saudi Arabia Spain Taiwan United Kingdom Bulgaria Belgium Cyprus Finland Hungary Island Liechtenstein Malta Norway Portugal Singapore Suriname Thailand USA Australia Brazil Denmark France India Italy Luxemburg Monaco Oman Qatar South Africa Sweden United Arab Austria Brunei Darussalam Egypt Germany Iran Japan Malaysia The Netherlands Philippine Russia South Korea Switzerland Emirate


  • Initial Stay 1 year
  • Maximum 5 year, 4 times yearly extension.

*The first day is started when we submit your passport to immigration.
*We must have your passport on our office.

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